Q-See QT5682-1 8 Channel 960H Smart Recording DVR with Pre-Installed 1TB Hard Drive (Gray)

June 18, 2015 - Comment

Eight Channel 96H DVRView larger View More with 960H Protect your home or business with a DVR that offers real-time resolution as well as the clarity of larger 960H resolution. Q-See’s QT5682 is an eight channel DVR that records in 960H resolution and real-time D1 resolution. When coupled with 960H camera, easily capture a larger,

Eight Channel 96H DVR
View larger View More with 960H

Protect your home or business with a DVR that offers real-time resolution as well as the clarity of larger 960H resolution. Q-See’s QT5682 is an eight channel DVR that records in 960H resolution and real-time D1 resolution. When coupled with 960H camera, easily capture a larger, wider picture that reveals more details while retaining an aspect ratio that better fits into most wide screen monitors and TVs. Check in on your home from work and make sure that the kids made it home from school. Or, see what happens in the back storage area of your restaurant while still manning the front. With an array of standard features that keep you connected, this 8-channel DVR also gives you peace of mind and flexibility when it comes to a security solution. The QT5682 keeps you connected regardless of where you are located with its premium remote monitoring features. Receive email alerts with incident snapshots when motion is detected or when the hard drive runs out of recording space. Easily check up on property from just a computer or compatible mobile device. In addition to impressive remote monitoring features, this system is capable of extensive multi-tasking. Simultaneously record, watch video, back up video and remotely monitor all with the processing power of one DVR.

960H Recording Resolution

An image size of 960H, 960 pixels by 480, pixels means video recorded by this DVR will be larger and clearer. With larger images, people, stationary license plates and objects are easily discernible at reasonable distances. A wider resolution than D1 or CIF also means images won’t be stretched out or distorted to fit into typical wide screen monitors.

True 30 Frames Per Second (FPS) Recording on D1 Resolution

This DVR records at a verified 30 FPS at D1 resolution allowing completely smooth playback with continuous motion in order to ensure every detail is captured.

Fast and Easy Remote Monitoring Scan N’ View Connectivity

Scan N’ View is here and with it comes one-click remote setup! Scan N’ View is new quick connect technology in the Q-See QT View app that allows you to easily connect to your DVR for instant live viewing on a smartphone or tablet. This revolutionary new features makes remote monitoring the easiest part of setting up your system. With Q-See’s Scan N’ View quick start feature, connecting your DVR to your favorite mobile device is as easy as taking a picture. Just download the free QT View App, scan the QR code on the DVR and instantly view live video on your device. Never again will you have to deal with cumbersome router settings or confusing port forwarding rules. The app does all the hard work for you, allowing you to connect with just one click.

The Easiest Way to Configure Your System Start-Up Wizard

Installing a surveillance system has never been easier with Q-See’s integrated Start-Up Wizard. The wizard is automatic and begins assisting you as soon as the DVR is powered up for the first time. The on-screen guide advances step-by-step to help ensure your DVR settings are optimized for your particular situation. Even configuring the remote monitoring features is now straightforward.

Connectivity at Your Fingertips
View larger Remote Monitoring

Rest easy and keep an eye on your home or business from anywhere, 24/7 with remote monitoring. Access live and previously recorded video as well as the DVR’s settings. Receive instant email alerts and snapshot images when motion is detected, or if video loss occurs. Allows up to 20 simultaneous users. Dual-stream technology for reduced-bandwidth connections. Free Multi-System Software allows DVR monitoring regardless of browser. Compatibility: Smart Phones: free Q-See apps available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 7.5/8 phonesOperating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Mac OSX 10.7 & 10.8Internet Browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari (for Mac), Firefox(with IE plugin), and Chrome (with IE plugin).

Customizable Recording
View larger Three Recording Modes

With three recording modes to choose from, the DVR is easily customized to suit your individual surveillance recording needs. 1. Record continuously: Manually start and stop recording. 2. Schedule: Trigger recording to start and end at specific times with a daily timer. 3. Motion: Trigger recording to start when motion is detected.

Save Important Video 1TB A/V Rated SATA Hard Drive

A sturdy A/V rated, high capacity hard drive comes pre-installed with the DVR. The amount of footage you can save on the hard drive before needing to over-write footage will depend on the recording and resolution settings you select. The system can support up to 1 SATA hard drive of 3 TB.

QT5682 DVR
View larger Additional Specifications

Live Display Resolution and Live Display Frame Rate: 960 x 480 (30FPS on Each Channel); Inputs/Outputs: Video: 8 BNC In/ 1 VGA Out/1 HDMI Out/ 1 BNC Out; Audio: 2 RCA In/ 1 RCA Out; RJ-45 for Router Connection Enabling Remote Monitoring; RS-485 Connection; Supports 1 SATA HDD up to 3 TB

Product Features

  • 8 Channel Full 960H Surveillance DVR
  • Includes Pre-installed 1 TB Hard Drive
  • Connect up to 8 Cameras
  • Stream Live Video Directly to a remote MAC/PC/iPhone/iPad/Android. Receive email alerts upon motion detection
  • Receive email alerts upon motion detection


bchorng says:

Pretty nice for the price I went through Q-see’s tech support several times before and after the installation. The live chat is fairly fast in response and technicians are very knowledgeable with the details of the products. 

A. Ali says:

Great device!!!!! Bought an $89 DVR from Amazon, not the same name brand, and out the box it had problems. Because they refunded so quickly, I shall not name them. Bought this and I am greatly pleased. I’m pretty tech savvy, but that was not needed here. I have 3 android devices, 1 Samsung S4, HP tablet & Asus TF700T. I was able to remotely view from all three devices. It was a little difficult to figure out what info to enter, but after playing around, because I’m one of those people that want to figure it out then read the instructions, there is such an easy tool they have. QR scan code. In settings on DVR, go to information, there is a qr code. On mobile device, open up app and click on the qr code and the scanner pops up. That’s it, no entering, all automatic. Now here’s the thing, the app is called “Qsee”, but there are different versions depending on the compatibility of android device. Try all until you find the one that has a qr code scanner when you open the app. Picture quality to HD TV via…

DrewNY001 "AmMe" says:

Amazingly small. Easy to use. Support 960H Supports Mac easily and Windows. Very small footprint. This is the only brand I ever found that lets you trigger off one camera off of another for motion detection. For example you might want to turn on a camera around a corner to capture someone as they went from one camera viewpoint to another. I bought this one to support 960H, right now it works fine on my old cameras. Prices have really went down on these things and this one is a bargain with the 1 TB drive. 

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